Yea, we know you like free stuff so here are 6 of our best

Dump Vouchers

We actually pay YOU for this one. Give us a full set of ten BCC dump vouchers and you will receive up to $50 cash for them. Simply leave them for the driver on drop off to receive your cashback.

Time Slot Text

time slot text

Need to know roughly what time your bin is being delivered? If you do, then let us know when you order your skip and you’ll receive a time slot text the afternoon before delivery day for free.

Live Track

Phone with live track

You can track your delivery on a live map so you know EXACTLY what time your skip bin will arrive. View on your phone or tablet. Let us know when ordering if you would like this free option.

$1 Skip Hire

Every Sunday afternoon we auction off a 3m³ skip bin hire on our Facebook page starting at $1 with no reserve. While technically not free you may end up paying only $1. **Coming Soon**

Driver Helps Load

Got your rubbish ready to go, then our load and go skip bin hire is your cheapest option. Our driver helps you load the bin for free up to a maximum of 30 minutes and then takes it away.

Loading Tips

Phone with loading tips

While you may think just chucking the junk in is simple, there are tricks to fitting the most in your bin. Every order receives a free detailed list on the best ways to fit the most in your bin.

We hope you can take advantage of some, if not all of the free options we offer above. Why not go and view our cheap skip bin hire pricing to see how affordable and EZY our service is.

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