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Skip bin versus a skip bag

Reasons Why a Skip bin is better than a Skip Bag When thinking about waste management for your site, it’s hard to look past the skip bin. Skip bins are available all over Brisbane in a range of sizes and types, from 2m3 skip bins, all the way up to 6m3 skip bins. However, in recent years, another means of waste management has been seen [...]

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Aussie Device Cleans Rubbish From Oceans

When two Aussie surfers made the decision to quit their jobs and tackle one of the biggest environmental problems facing the modern world, they never dreamt they would be in the position they are today. Perth locals Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton were so sick of seeing a massive amount of rubbish floating around in the ocean they decided to dedicate their lives to [...]

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Peruvian recycling campaign is turning plastic bottles into poncho backpacks

Trash is not garbage. This is the motto of one of Peru’s most innovative recycling campaigns, one that has already turned a million plastic bottles into thousands of ponchilas. In Peru, a ponchila – a combination of the Spanish words “poncho” and “mochila” – refers to a backpack with a built-in poncho. The items were designed to protect the poorest children in the Andes, many [...]

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Ecobricks Disposal of nonbiodegradable substances has become an issue of major concern nowadays. Mounds of garbage has been created over the earths surface and in our oceans. In order to deal with this problem a new concept of ecobricks also known as bottle bricks is trending. Ecobricks are a new class of building material which is made up of plastic bottles and are filled with [...]

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About Green Waste

First and foremost green waste should be about providing a lower cost service for a type of waste that can be recycled. When green waste can be recycled, that is when it is diverted from going to landfill (the tip) and turned into a useful product that can be used to meet a need in the community. The first saving achieved by recycling the green [...]

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August – Time to prune

Green shoots and beautiful flowering displays of azaleas, jasmines, tabebuias, bauhinias, grevilleas plus many other trees and shrubs in the garden and in the bush is a signal that we're on the doorstep of spring in SEQLD. As August progresses, many plants become more active. Even if they weren't fully dormant throughout our relatively mild subtropical winters, increasing amounts of warm and light stimulate flowering [...]

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Gardening tips for July

We're in the depths of winter here in SE QLD - which means that spring is just around the corner! The days are already getting longer, so finish all those garden housekeeping and construction jobs on your list. Then you'll have plenty of time to visit all the garden shows and open gardens in the months ahead, or just relax and enjoy your garden. July [...]

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