First Time Skip Bin Hirer

The info provided in this section is aimed at the person who has never hired a skip bin before. By scrolling down the page we will show you the various aspects you will need to know to remove your rubbish in a timely and cost effective manner. Before you start, check to see if we deliver skip bins to your suburb.

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How To Choose Your Skip Bin Size

Bin Sizes

The bins are always reffered to in cubic metres which is the volume they hold. For example a 4 cubic metre or sometimes shortened to 4 metre bin is not the length of the bin just its volume. In the table below the dimensions of the bins are the top outside edges & they slope inwards from there.

Choosing By Size

The first of the two ways of working out your skip bin size is by measuring your largest item you have going in the skip bin. You would only measure items that can’t be broken down like mattresses, couches, fridges etc. None of our skip bins have opening doors and can only be filled level with the top of the bin.