First Time Skip Bin Hirer

The info provided in this section is aimed at the person who has never hired a skip bin before. By scrolling down the page we will show you the various aspects you will need to know to remove your rubbish in a timely and cost effective manner. Before you start, check to see if we deliver skip bins to your suburb.

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How To Choose Your Skip Bin Size

Bin Sizes

The bins are always reffered to in cubic metres which is the volume they hold. For example a 4 cubic metre or sometimes shortened to 4 metre bin is not the length of the bin just its volume. In the table below the dimensions of the bins are the top outside edges & they slope inwards from there.

Choosing By Size

The first of the two ways of working out your skip bin size is by measuring your largest item you have going in the skip bin. You would only measure items that can’t be broken down like mattresses, couches, fridges etc. None of our skip bins have opening doors and can only be filled level with the top of the bin.

Choosing By Calculation

The second way of working out your skip bin size is getting all your rubbish in a pile and calculating the size from that. You measure the length, width and height in metres and multiply them all together. For example if your pile was 1 metre high & 2.5 metres long & 1.5 metres wide that equals 3.75 cubic metres so a 4 cubic metre bin will do the job.

2m skip bin

2 Cubic Metre

1.8m long
1.4m wide
1.0m high

The 2m³ skip bins are great for those small tidy up jobs. You won’t be able to fit any big furniture into this size skip bin. Also suitable if you are trimming one hedge and some palm fronds.

3m skip bin

3 Cubic Metre

2.0m long
1.5m wide
1.3m high

The 3m³ skip bins are very popular for your standard cleanup around the house. Will easily fit all of those less bulky objects you have. Also suitable if you are trimming a couple of hedges.

4m skip bin

4 Cubic Metre

2.5m long
1.6m wide
1.2m high

The 4m³ skip bins are our most popular size for household cleanups. You would look at this size if you have a piece of furniture, whitegoods or beds to dispose of.

6m skip bin

6 Cubic Metre

3.8m long
1.6m wide
1.2m high

The 6m³ skip bins are suited for larger cleanups. They’re great for those longer items as well as multiple pieces of furniture, whitegoods, deceased estates or moving house.

What Sort Of Rubbish Have You Got

Our Waste Types

We provide four different waste categories. The table below shows what can and can’t go into each waste type. Some waste categoreis have lower hire costs as the rubbish can be 100% recycled.


It is important to work out your waste type as this reflects the price you will pay for the skip bin. Placement of other waste than what is covered in your chosen waste type may result in additional disposal charges to you after the bin is collected.


Hazardous wastes are not allowed to be placed into any bin.These include:- asbestos, tyres, liquid paint, oils, food, gas bottles and batteries. *** A $500.00 fee applies if you put any asbestos into any bin. ***

general waste type

General Waste


Anything that can be bought from a retail shop and anything that grows above ground level in your yard can go in bin.

Can Go In Bin

Household items, appliances, furniture, mattresses, computers, tv’s, fridges, bikes and green waste.

Can’t Go In Bin

Dirt, bricks, concrete, stones, sand, tiles and any hazardous materials

green waste type

Green Waste


Anything that grows above ground level in your yard and garden can go in bin. No other waste is allowed to go into this bin.

Can Go In Bin

Tree cuttings, palm fronds, leaves and grass clippings.

Can’t Go In Bin

Turf, dirt, bricks, concrete, stones, sand, mulch, general waste and any tree stumps over 12cm in diameter.

heavy waste type

Heavy Waste


Almost anything can go in this bin apart from the hazardous wastes listed above and some building and flooring materials.

Can Go In Bin

Everything from general & green waste types + timber, plasterboard, metal, windows, doors, carpet.

Can’t Go In Bin

Dirt, bricks, concrete, stones, sand, tiles and any hazardous materials

concrete/bricks waste type



Any type of brick, block or concrete can go in skip bin. Steel reinforcement protruding from concrete is allowed.

Can Go In Bin

Concrete and bricks only.

Can’t Go In Bin

Any other material.

Cost Of Hiring A Skip Bin

Your Hire Cost Includes:

Skip bin delivery and pick up
Disposing or recycling your waste
Receiving detailed loading tips
You get full size level top bins
Fast and friendly service

Payment Options

All skip bins must be paid for on or before the delivery day.
Our preferred payment options are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash or bank transfer. There are no booking or credit card fees.

Our Pricing

The price of your bin depends on your waste type and the size of bin you require. Listed below are some options where we offer different ways of saving money on your skip bin hire. Standard hire length is up to 5 days.

Ways Of Saving Money On Your Hire

Up To $50 Cash Back Offer

Our cash back offer is where you swap a full set of B.C.C waste vouchers for cash. You will receive $50 on a weekend hire option, $40 for weekday hire option and $30 for load and go option. A full set is 10 waste vouchers and the swap is done on the delivery day of your bin.

Load And Go

This option is where all your junk is ready to go straight into the skip bin. The driver delivers the bin and waits while you help him load the junk into the skip bin. We allow a maximum of 30 minutes to load the bin. Available delivery days are Monday through to Friday.

Weekday Only Hire

Our weekday hire is where you get the skip bin for up to 4 days during the week only. The skip bin is delivered and picked up in the morning before 12pm. Hire period can’t go over a weekend.

The $99 Deal

The $99 deal is for a 2 cubic metre skip bin to be filled with 100% green waste and is our load and go option. The driver helps you load the bin for up to 30 minutes then takes it away. Available delivery days are Monday through to Friday.

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