So you need to hang some doors in the renovation you’re doing but not quite sure where to start. Firstly you need to make up a holding block in order to hold the door while working on it.
A cheap and easy way of doing this is by getting some offcuts of framing scrap timber out of your skip bin. The bottom piece needs to be about 500mm long and the two top pieces need to be about 220mm long.
Nail the two smaller pieces to the big piece leaving a 40mm gap in between them in the middle. Next cut a wedge and this will be used to clamp the door in place when sitting on the block.
If you are installing the door into a new opening (no architraves on yet) then cut up a number of small wedges. These can be used in between the jamb and stud work to achieve the right gap around the door.
Placing a wedge directly behind the hinge area allows vertical alignment of the door. If you are fitting, or need to adjust an existing door that has the architraves on the opening then the previous way will not work. The way around this is to open the door right up and then place a nail punce in the open part of the hinge. Hold it in there while you gently close the door and the affect will be to spring the hinge a little which will push the door accross a little.
The other way is if you are using butt hinges you can get some waste cardboard and place it in behind the hinge and put the screws back in. This has the same affect as springing the hinge.
Hopefully this has shown a few ways of adjusting your doors when you are hanging them. Remember if you are replacing old doors throw them in the skip bin first so they sit nice and flat on the bottom of the bin.