Reasons Why a Skip bin is better than a Skip Bag

When thinking about waste management for your site, it’s hard to look past the skip bin. Skip bins are available all over Brisbane in a range of sizes and types, from 2m3 skip bins, all the way up to 6m3 skip bins. However, in recent years, another means of waste management has been seen in and around sites across Brisbane – skip bags. However, despite being a new development and somewhat convenient option for certain job sites, skip bags have many issues that aren’t found with skip bins. Here are some of the issues that skip bags can present.

When you hire a skip bin, you will often be presented with a range of different sizes, ranging from a 2m3 skip bin, which you can use for small-scale clean ups, all the way up to massive 6m3 skip bins, which are mostly used for large-scale waste management of large construction sites, and big household cleanups. However, skip bags don’t have the same varied range of sizes that skip bins have, and will often only range up to 3m3, which doesn’t leave you with a lot of choice when trying to choose a skip bag based on size. This also means that skip bags aren’t as suited for large-scale waste disposal (such as lounge suites etc)  like skip bins are. Also you are limited to a very small amount of heavy waste you can put in a bag.

Skip bins are made of steel, which is strong and designed to be able to sustain a lot of damage. This means that you can toss almost anything into a skip bin, and it won’t damage the bin. The fact that skip bins are made of solid steel also means that they’re easy to load. However, skip bags are often made of a woven material, which can present many problems when you’re disposing of waste in them.

Firstly, the woven material is susceptible to tearing, which means that you have to be careful of what you dispose of and how you dispose of things, which greatly reduces the value of a skip bag in your clean-up. Secondly, as the woven material isn’t solid like steel, skip bags require reinforcement in order to be loaded, such as having someone or something there to hold the bag open as you load it.

All of these issues can eventually become an even greater problem when the skip bag needs to be collected. If your skip bag has been damaged during your clean-up then the bottom of the bag may rip open when it gets lifted off the ground leaving you with the same mess you started with!  If the bag has been moved from its original position, which can be very tempting especially when it’s still nearly empty and light. Many skip bag hire companies will refuse to collect the bag or not be able to access it, if not close to the front of your property. However, when a skip bin has been placed, it becomes very difficult for it to be moved, meaning that it will always remain in its original position, ready to be collected.

We have seen a few skip bags in our skip bins which can only mean that the skip bag hire company were happy to sell and deliver the bag but , for whatever reason, it was not collected. Not a very budget friendly way to try to dispose of your rubbish.

Skip bins are also usually cheaper to hire than skip bags

These are just some of the reasons as to why skip bags, aren’t really as good as skip bins when it comes to waste management. If you need high-quality skip bins that come in a range of sizes and types, at a fixed price with no hidden fees, call 2Ezy skips 38885568 and talk to our friendly team to learn more.

As always, 2Ezy skips can deliver a skip to you for all your rubbish needs.

Whether it is building, gardening or cleaning out the garage, new projects are so much easier when you have a skip bin to help. With 2ezy skips, you can start an efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly outdoor or indoor project.

For more information regarding what kind of waste types you can put in skip bins, the areas we service, Brisbane North to inner South suburbs, and the costs of each skip bin, contact us today. With affordable skip bins in a range of sizes, we can help you clean out your rubbish from your garden, home or office project fast.