In this article, we take a look at the best options for hiring a skip bin in Brisbane Northside and inner Southside (see delivery areas here: Delivery areas and answer some of the frequently asked questions that we come across.
If you are tackling a project that will produce a lot more waste than your weekly rubbish limit allows, then a skip is a great way to dispose of it all. Whether you are doing a renovation, garden cleanup, declutter/cull or moving, a skip has many benefits when it comes to rubbish removal.They give you a designated space to throw your rubbish so that you can reduce stress and clutter.
They come in different sizes to suit your needs. (2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 6m3) We deliver and pick up your skip to dispose of your waste. All you need to do is throw your rubbish into the skip bin.
Hire period is usually up to 5 – 7 days.You can put a lot of different types of waste together, but it may be more cost effective and enviromentally responsible to separate your waste. Often, not all the waste goes to the same place.
What are the different types of waste?•General Waste: Most general household waste, cardboard, clothes, toys, furniture, plastic, computers, tv’s, fridges, appliances, light green waste etc. (X CAN’T GO IN BIN. Dirt, bricks, concrete, stones, sand, tiles and any hazardous material).
Green Waste: Anything that grows above ground level in your yard and garden can go in bin. (Not tree trunks larger than 12cm in diameter) No other waste is allowed to go into this bin. Tree cuttings, palm fronds, leaves and grass clippings. (X – CAN’T GO IN BIN: Turf, dirt, bricks, concrete, stones, sand, mulch, general waste and any tree stumps over 12cm in diameter.)
Heavy Waste: Everything from general & green waste types + timber, plasterboard, metal, windows, doors, carpet. (X – CAN’T GO IN BIN. Dirt, bricks, concrete, stones, sand, tiles and any hazardous materials.)
Concrete / Bricks: Any type of brick, block or concrete can go in skip bin. Steel reinforcement protruding from concrete is allowed. (X – CAN’T GO IN BIN. ANY OTHER MATERIAL.)
•Mixed Combo: This can be a combination of any of the above material plus dirt, mulch, turf. (CAN’T GO IN BIN: HAZARDOUS WASTE) If you want to order this type of skip you need to call our office 07 3888 5568.

Please note we cannot take Hazardous waste in any of our skips.
HAZARDOUS WASTE INCLUDES: asbestos, tyres, liquid paint, oils, food, gas bottles and batteries.