Turning waste into animal food


Could insects like maggots take waste from supermarkets or direct from farms and turn it into something that livestock like chickens, pigs or fish could eat? In the United States 40 per cent of food is wasted while Australians waste about $8 billion of food every year, according to the FoodWise campaign. Canberra-based company GoTerra is experimenting with the idea of using insects to solve such waste problems and expects to process 200 tonnes of [...]

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Innovative Idea for Rubbish Removal


Mr Trash Wheel, officially called the Inner Harbor Water Wheel is a rubbish interceptor. A water wheel vessel that removes trash from the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. It is powered by water power and solar power. The machine places rubbish from the harbor onto an onboard conveyor belt, which routes it into skips on the vessel. Mr Trash Wheel was invented by John Kellett in 2008, who launched a pilot vessel at that time. [...]

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March gardening tips


The beginning of March can still be very hot, but get ready for a busy few weeks once the weather cools down. Not only will it be more pleasant to work outside then, but it will be time to plant a wide variety of cool-season vegetables, annual flowers and spring-flowering bulbs. Trees, shrubs and perennials planted in the mild autumn conditions of March will have time to establish before winter slows down growth. If we've [...]

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Gardening tips for February


February can deliver extreme weather in terms of thunderstorms flooding and even cyclones. Maintenance tasks such as keeping gutters and drains free of debris, potential mosquito-breeding sites free of standing water and the yard free of loose items that could become projectiles in high winds are especially important at this time of year. Dangerous trees that could come down on powerlines, homes or people are also a serious concern. If you fear they already have [...]

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Preparing For Storm Season


Storm season is just around the corner and it is never too early to make sure you and your family and property are storm ready. Wild weather is par for the course during storm season in Brisbane. This typically runs from late October to March but can often arrive much earlier. Dramatic and unpredictable, severe storms may cause you a pile of repair bills if they strike without warning. To be on the safe side, [...]

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