Using a skip bin to declutter your bathroom


If it looks or feels like you’ve got too much stuff in your bathroom, you’re probably right. It may be the smallest room in your house, but the bathroom is often home to the largest amount of clutter per square metre. The good news is that within an hour or two, you can de-junk your bathroom and transform it into a lovelier, more peaceful place. And there’s a bonus: Decluttering your bathroom will also make [...]

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Spring Clean House / Office Declutter Tips #2


Love it or Lose It. We hold on to things for many different reasons, and even some we can't explain. This rule is a pretty quick decision maker. If you haven't used or worn an item in the last 6 - 12 months (depending on what it is) you don't probably don't love it. Ask yourself if you would buy this item today. If the answer is no, you don't love it. If something no [...]

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Spring Cleaning Declutter Tips


Spring has sprung, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for spring cleaning. We all love spring because it’s a time of rebirth; the grass is green again, the sun is shining, and we can finally bring our favourite sandals and pair of shorts out from the back of our closet. Chances are by the time spring comes, your closet (and any other storage space) is also in major need of a rebirth. [...]

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Decluttering Tip


When you decide it's time to downsize, move or just clean up some of the rubbish you have accumulated in your house, unit and/ or garage, property, it can seem like an overwhelming job. One idea is to break it down into more manageable time periods. For instance, choose a room to start on, get a timer and set for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. It doesn't matter the length of time, just do [...]

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Decluttering, how to get started


The skip bin has arrived and you're about to take on the clutter, but what is the best way to do it. We are going to look at the four box method which forces you to make a decision about all your clutter items. Clutter stems from poor organization, sentimental attachment or having too much stuff. So how does it work? You have one box for stuff to be kept, one box for donations, one [...]

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