Gardening Ideas For January in Brisbane


The Queensland Turf Producers Association recommends mowing an established lawn no lower than 30mm in summer. (Turfgrass Quick Tips). Take note of where you'd like more shade next summer, such as entertaining areas, and try to determine the optimal location and height of shade structures or trees at the time of day you need it.. The movement of the sun is different in winter, and you can't use its position in winter to position shade [...]

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With the turn of the year and holidays for some, it's a time for assessing the past and contemplating the year ahead. Perhaps you've decided that this is the year to focus on the home front, and get into the garden. What's your gardening resolution? Tidy Up. Perhaps you've let things go and just need to catch up with basic maintenance. Pruning and weeds are likely to be on your list, especially if the summer [...]

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