The problem with plastics


Recycling and reusing plastics is important for plastic waste disposal so it doesn't just end up in bins. Plastic is much more difficult to recycle than glass, aluminium or paper. Problems with recycling plastics is that plastics are often made up of more than one kind of polymer or there maybe fibre added to the plastic. Plastic polymers require greater processing to be recycled as each type melts at different temperatures and has different properties, [...]

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How to get great architrave mitres


You've got the latest and greatest dropsaw with the sharpest blade but is that enough to get the perfect mitre? We'll look at the way to get them like the pros and our secret weapon is P.V.A. glue. Yes this cheap little product along with some fine sandpaper will get you into the top ranks. Once you have nailed off one side and are ready to fit the next side you need to run a [...]

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Some nifty tricks when you have to hang some doors


So you need to hang some doors in the renovation you're doing but not quite sure where to start. Firstly you need to make up a holding block in order to hold the door while working on it. A cheap and easy way of doing this is by getting some offcuts of framing scrap timber out of your skip bin. The bottom piece needs to be about 500mm long and the two top pieces need [...]

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Underground waste bins


The City of Sydney has built Australia's first underground storage system for bins, providing an expensive but effective way to reduce urban clutter and an unsightly mass of waste bins. The new system (installed in Royston Street, Darlinghurst) replaces a cluttered bin bay with an underground storage system. Known as "Ecopunto", the Italian system was provided and installed by Parramatta based engineering firm Waste Drive. Underground storage systems have been used in cities around the [...]

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Decluttering, how to get started


The skip bin has arrived and you're about to take on the clutter, but what is the best way to do it. We are going to look at the four box method which forces you to make a decision about all your clutter items. Clutter stems from poor organization, sentimental attachment or having too much stuff. So how does it work? You have one box for stuff to be kept, one box for donations, one [...]

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