How big did you say he was?


What a sight one of our drivers saw today when he was at the Chandler rubbish transfer station.Surrounded by bushalnd and plenty of wildlife this large gum tree is home to a very unusual and large koala bear. This bear was over a meter in length and width.It looked like he settled for the cheapest spot he could find by the way has was dangled over the fork in the tree.Workers at the rubbish transfer [...]

How big did you say he was?2015-04-22T15:08:32+10:00

High density living


In Australia there has been a focus towards high density dwellings. This has meant the rise of the apartment complexes which in turn raises population density. As a society we need to consider the impact that rubbish creation has on these concentrated areas. So how can we help by doing our part. The list below is a start. ~ Crush your cans prior to putting them in the recycling bin. ~ Buy organic shopping bags [...]

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A futuristic rubbish bin


People receive news and advertisements on many mediums such as newspapers, tv's, personal computers, and mobiles.Now, in London, they will see it on public recycle bins, or “techno-pods”. The techno-pods are equipped with large colour screens. The bins are constructed of damage-resistant fibreglass, with a screen on either end.The impetus for this e-news idea was caused by excessive newspaper rubbish. These bins will not only display news and advertisements, but also information about underground delays [...]

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Say goodbye to the Yellow Pages


The strongest man in the world set a world record by ripping through fifty 2000 paged books in three minutes.It's certainately one way to dispose of these increasingly irritating symbols of our waste culture. Sure these can be recycled in our recycling bins but the amount of energy used to produce them far outweighs this. But in this age of widespread internet access, do we really need to be carpet bombing our doorsteps with these [...]

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Love a takeaway mocha?


Does anything symbolise the throwaway culture better than coffee chains? Every one is piled high with by-products of a culture which in the past 10 years has gone from thinking that a cheap cup of coffee is enjoyed sitting down, in a break from a busy day to one where if you're not constantly rushing, you may get to work to find your desk gone. Gone are the thick white mugs, washed and reused until [...]

Love a takeaway mocha?2015-04-22T15:10:03+10:00
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